Seal, parrot, cat & chimp: Animals communicate with people

Seal, parrot, cat & chimp: Animals communicate with people. | Global Animal:

Here's an interesting article. I don't buy the seal and the cat mentioned here as examples of authentic interspecies  communication, but the parrot and the chimp are well attested. Unlike some of the chimpanzee stories reported here, this one does not end with anybody losing his or her face.

"At the preserve, Lucy was put in a cage at night to protect her from predators. She had only ever slept in a bed inside a nice, quiet, suburban home, so the jungle was a completely new and frightening environment for her. She was also scared of the other chimps, strange creatures she had only encountered a few times before in her life, preferring to stay close to her parents and Janis whenever she could. She wasn’t eating because her food had always been delivered to her on a plate; she didn’t even understand the concept of foraging. When her parents suddenly became distant and weren’t providing her with the life she had always known, Lucy became confused and sad. She would often use the sign for “hurt.” And she lost much of her hair due to the stress of her new situation. Realizing that Lucy would never move on if they stayed, her parents left her behind after three weeks."


  1. My Grandma used to have a parrot that would talk in context- I don´t know how long it took her to teach the parrot to speak, but it certainly did talk to people to an extent. He even insulted people if they didn´t talk back to him!

  2. That reminds me of another story that came out of Irene Pepperberg's research. When one of her parrots asked for a nut and she didn't give it to him, he spelled out N-U-T to make his meaning clear. She had taught the parrot to spell other words, but not that one. He figured it out himself.


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