Polar Bear Kills One, Injures Four

This story is peculiarly similar to the recent one about a brown bear attack in Alaska. In both cases, teens were on a wilderness expedition. But whereas the Alaska case involved a sow defending her cubs against a perceived human threat, this one looks like a bear in predatory mode. 

Attacks by polar bears are rare because their range is largely outside ours. A high percentage of their attacks are predatory. 

'Hungry' polar bear mauls British tourist to death in horrific attack | News

"A British boy aged 17 was mauled to death today when a polar bear attacked a group of students on a remote Norwegian island.

Four others, including two teenage boys, were injured by the starving animal at 7.36am on Spitzbergen."

UPDATE: More information and a video interview with a survivor's father. 

Thanks to Steve V. for the news tip. 



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