Matador Gored Through the Throat

This is old news, but I only recently came across the photos. The matador survived reconstructive surgery and infection to return to the ring. For his above-average efforts, the bull was killed. 

Matador pierced in throat and tongue by bull 'recovering well' - Telegraph:

"The horn of the animal tore into the bullfighter's throat and emerged through his mouth in a dramatic goring that had the crowd screaming in horror.

The pink-stockinged, sequined matador was lifted into the air and then dropped to the sand. The bull backed away after it was distracted by fellow matadors who dashed to the rescue.

Mr Aparicio struggled to his feet, staggered a few yards spluttering blood, and was then carried from the ring."


  1. I know most people would cringe at these photos, but, call me evil, I don´t care... he had it coming.
    I feel absolutely no sympathy for these guys.

  2. Here's another revenge-of-the-bull incident:


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