First U.S. Fatality from Vampire Bat Rabies

Vampire bat attack! Migrant worker becomes first U.S. fatality - U.s. - Catholic Online:

"A 19-year-old Mexican migrant worker who was bitten by a vampire bat in Michoacán, Mexico later fell ill and died while he was working at picking cane sugar at a Louisiana plantation has become the first reported U.S. fatality due to a vampire bat attack. Before his death from a virulent form of rabies, the young man complained of fatigue, shoulder pain, numbness in his left hand and a drooping left eye."

The article, quoting a CDC publication, claims the range of the vampire bats may be creeping northward because of global warming.


  1. A young girl died recently of a vampire bat bite in my state...

    I find it intriguing that the guy in Lousiana didn´t go insane/aggressive, like I thought rabies victims went. Is there more than one variety of rabies? Or is my idea of the disease all wrong?

  2. Yes, there are several forms of rabies. The paralytic form (which may look like nothing more than flu or depression until the actual paralysis sets in) is generally uncommon in humans, but it's the typical picture when a human gets the disease from a vampire bat.

  3. Oh, and the more famous kind, with aggression, hallucinations, delirium, fear of water, spasms, seizures--that's more common in people.

  4. Oooh I see. I should be ashamed for being the son of two doctors and not knowing this XD

    Thanks for clearing it up!


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