Death of a Mule

Text and photography by guest blogger D’Arcy Allison-Teasley

Mule Gal and Mule Guy are neighbors, they are friends and they own the barn down the road where our mare is boarded. They are the sort of people who you call when your woods are on fire and they come immediately with tanks of water and shovels... and hugs.

I know because I did - and they did.

And, as you can guess from their nicknames, they love their mules.

They love horses, too. 

But as Mule Guy points out, you can ride a horse to the edge of a cliff and say "jump" and a well-trained horse will. Do the same with a mule and the mule will say "you first." He swears their legendary stubbornness is simply a sign of superior intelligence.

Mule Gal is a reserved rider, a very sensitive, highly intelligent and intuitive woman who had a deep and rich relationship with her mule partner. She's no cowboy. He was no ranch horse. Trust was their theme, and they were a joy to see together. This mule had the demeanor of a gentleman, the patience of a saint, and the deep, dark eyes of an old, wise soul. 
And this mule loved his human.

Mule Gal's mule was struck and killed by lightning last night during a furious storm. I witnessed this same storm, from my place just down the road. I captured several pictures of the storm's dramatic lightning. It's entirely possible that one of the pictures I took is the strike that took this gentle mule's life.   

Lightning is a frighteningly powerful force of nature.

A precious, beloved life - over in a flash. Literally.

But the heartache has just begun for Mule Gal.

Fortunately, friendship and healing are powerful forces, too. And Mule Gal has many good memories of her kind mule to help her smile through her tears.

Farewell to a Gentleman Mule. 

You will be sorely missed, but never forgotten.

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