Cougar Attacks Child

Alberta cougar killed after attack on child - Calgary - CBC News:

"The girl was hiking with family near Barrier Lake, in Bow Valley Provincial Park, on Sunday when the attack happened. The girl's father drove the cougar away and she suffered only minor cuts and puncture wounds. Conservation officers later tracked down and killed the animal.

'It's attacked a human. It would do it again,' said Glenn Naylor, a district conservation officer.

Last month another young cougar, which turned out to be a litter mate of this latest attacker, was destroyed after it attacked a dog with a group of hikers near Canmore."


  1. Same old story; a cougar attacks a human following its natural instincts, and it is killed because "it will kill again", as if it was some sort of abnormal psycho criminal. At the same time, a murderer is sent to jail to have three meals a day after being read all of his rights- he can´t be destroyed or even mistreated simply because he's human, even if he killed because he is an abnormal psycho and will certainly do it again once released.

    Aren´t we Homo sapiens?

  2. No other species were consulted on that "sapiens" part.

  3. Exactly. I bet cockroaches, tapeworms and chimpanzees would all name themselves similar names if they were into, well, naming things

  4. The naming might be what gets us into all the trouble, come to think of it. The first step into treating other beings as abstractions instead of changeable realities.


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