Cookiecutter Shark Scoops Human Flesh

A new report documents a case of the tiny cookiecutter shark, a type of dogfish, biting chunks out of a live human. This species typically takes bites from large fish and marine mammals, leaving them scarred but alive. 

University of Florida News – New study documents first cookiecutter shark attack on a live human:

The species is small, with adults reaching about 2 feet, but their unique jaws specialize in scooping out a piece of flesh, leaving victims with a crater-like wound.
“Not only is it painful, but it presents a difficult circumstance for recovery in the sense that there has to be plastic surgery to close the wound and you have permanent tissue loss,” said co-author George Burgess . . . . “It’s very different from any other kind of attack we have in the International Shark Attack File because of the size of the shark and the modus operandi.”"

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