Confirmed: Grizzly Killed Hiker in Yellowstone

Follow-up to the news item linked here this morning. Yellowstone officials already suspected, from evidence at the scene, that the Michigan man whose remains were found on a Yellowstone trail died from a grizzly attack. The autopsy results have now confirmed that suspicion.

Predictably, some papers are treating this latest killing as part of a nature-strikes-back trend, even though grizzlies remain a highly improbable way to die. (But, as documented here over the summer, black bears are another matter. I'll be writing about that in more detail in an upcoming issue of Men's Journal.) 

Yellowstone: Hiker killed by bear; Identity released | | Z7 | Bozeman, Montana:

"Rangers discovered signs of grizzly bear activity at the scene Friday afternoon, including bear tracks and scat. An autopsy was conducted Sunday afternoon and determined that Wallace died as a result of a bear attack, the park said. Park rangers, wildlife biologists, and park managers are continuing to investigate."

Photo by Wayne T. Allison



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