Rust: The Conclusion

Rust, Part 1 of 2

Leopard Hurts Hunters

Confirmed: Grizzly Killed Hiker in Yellowstone

A Mystery Resolved in Rust

Yellowstone Fatality Under Investigation

Matador Gored Through the Throat

When Moons Collide


Coyote Attack in Massachusetts

Brown Bear Kills Two in Siberia

Shark Kills South African Surfer

Praise for Deadly Kingdom in Wall Street Journal

Seal, parrot, cat & chimp: Animals communicate with people

Crocodile vs. Tiger

Black Bear Attacks Near Aspen

Elephant vs. Volkswagen

North Carolina Shark Attack

What’s so scary about pit bulls?

Coyote Attacks in Colorado

Mexican West Coast Rattlesnake

Details on One of the Russian Shark Attacks, Plus Another Shark Attack in Puerto Rico

Hammerheads Suspected in Russian Shark Attacks

Spider Webs in the Pines

Seychelles Shark Kills Honeymoon Tourist

Wild boars invade farms, attack pets, chase people

First U.S. Fatality from Vampire Bat Rabies

Are dogs willing to eat the remains of their masters?

Lynching a Pangolin

What Eats People, Part 14: Elephants

Crows recognize and mob aggressive humans

Woman Pets Tiger; Results Poor

Cookiecutter Shark Scoops Human Flesh

Face Transplant for Charla Nash, Victim of Chimpanzee Attack

Death of a Mule

Monkey vs. Tennessee Law Enforcement

More about the Norwegian Polar Bear

Jogger vs. Pack of Dogs

Raccoon vs. New Jersey couple

Falcon Attacks Woman and Dog

Wild Boar Injures Hunter


Woman vs. Llama; Goats Take Advantage

Leopard-Human Conflicts in India

Cougar Attacks Child


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