More about the Huge Crocodiles of the Adelaide River

Here's the video Croconut linked below.


  1. My first contribution to Deadly Kingdom :D I'm a happy man.

    Near where I live, there used to live a giant male American crocodile- the place used to be a lake in a relatively intact area. The game keepers said the croc was six and a half meters long and was probably well over sixty years old. Unfortunately, one night the croc decided to take a walk away from the lake and was found by a couple imbeciles with guns. Sixty years, and it only took a bullet to finish what may have been the largest crocodile in the friggin country.
    The game keepers had the skull as proof of the animal's size. I tried to get hold of it but they wouldn`t sell, and now the place is a crocodile park where people has to pay to see the animals. Good part is, the crocs are protected now- bad part is, the place is not different from a zoo now, and the giant is gone.
    I really hope Brutus and Barabas still live many years.

  2. I suppose that's the good side of ecotourism--it does protect the animals and even fund their further protection.

  3. Yes, although it is a little bit sad when you saw the place as completely wild crocodile habitat once...


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