Lions Maul Mormon Missionary

Lions maul Mormon missionary at Guatemala zoo | The Salt Lake Tribune:

"Oakey, 20, wanted a picture of himself in front of the lion cage. He scaled a concrete wall in front of the enclosure, not realizing the lions were only about two feet below the wall on the other side.

Two lions stalked stealthily up to the wall. One grabbed Oakey’s right leg, pulling him back against the cage, and the other lion grabbed his left arm.

Oakey repeatedly punched the lion with his free arm and gouged at its eye."

(A Follow-up story from the same paper has further details of Oakey's treatment and prognosis.)

Predictably, some are spinning this as a tale of miracles. 


  1. You were right, Gordon; interesting and infuriating, as usual. Its a bad thing that you only qualify for the Darwin award when you're dead...

    By the way, I just noticed in that Daniel painting u used... that lion den is a sausage fest!


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