Leopard Mauls Six in India

A startling photo-essay:

Leopard attacks in India - Connecticut Post:

"A leopard mauled six people in the Indian village of of Prakash Nagar after straying into the village on Tuesday, July 19, 2011. Forestry department officials eventually tranquilized the animal."


  1. Another adaptable species. The gent in the photos you have posted here is lucky if he is still alive. Leopards kill with a bite to the throat that will strangle their prey, and from the looks of that second photo he had every intention of making a kill.
    (But you know, I would have paid cash to be there with a camera lol.)

  2. It's interesting the leopard chose this guy, rather than the guys who had their heads and necks protected with helmets.

  3. I don´t think it's surprising- leopards are extremely intelligent, that much I know.


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