Deathstalker Scorpions, Samsun Ants, and Saw-Scaled Vipers

Fascinating article about dangerous wildlife of the United Arab Emirates. The UAE is home to the snake many consider the most dangerous in the world, as well as the occasional hyena or leopard, but, as the article explains, it's the half-centimeter Samsun ant that poses the biggest threat to human life.

The Samsun ant, incidentally, is sometimes smoked as a substitute for marijuana. Researchers believe its venom holds promise as an anti-inflammatory medicine.

Full: Desert survival: please do not touch the scorpions - The National:

"'People tend to think of dangerous monsters that live in the desert but what causes far more deaths are ants and stings that can cause anaphylactic shock,' says Dr Drew Gardner, a desert ecologist and zoologist, and professor of Arabian ecology at Zayed University."


  1. thanks for this post..i was once bitten by the samsun ant and thanks God i recovered.. take care everyone! --mercy


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