Coyote Bites Colorado Toddler

Boy, 2, suffers minor injuries in coyote attack in Broomfield's Anthem area - Broomfield Enterprise:

"The 21/2-year-old boy, who was not seriously hurt, was walking with his father and 9-month-old sister around 8 p.m. Monday in the Anthem neighborhood in northern Broomfield when the attack happened. The boy's father, who asked not to be identified to protect his family, said a small coyote emerged from tall grass adjacent to the trail and bit the boy on his back and buttocks.

'As soon as I saw (the coyote) I started yelling and stuff,' he said. 'He still had time to knock my son over and bite him in the lower back area. (The coyote) then ran about 20 or 25 yards up the trail before turning around and looking at me before running off.'"


  1. That seems out of character for coyotes, I have been trying to take a photo of one for two years and at best I get a shot of their backside as they lope away.
    They were a problem in this area for a while. They never attacked any humans that I am aware of, but they were brutal on pets and small farm animals like chickens.

  2. Yeah, it is unusual for them to attack humans, though it seems to be happening more often these days. The thing is, coyote "character" can change with circumstances, just as ours can. One biologist put it this way: "There are generally three underlying reasons for animal-human conflict: expanding animal population, expanding human population, or a change in philosophy by the people in a wildlife-populated area." Any of those factors can show us behavior we're not used to seeing. --Gordon

  3. Infuriating, once again. By acting as a coyote and biting a small prey animal, the coyote signed its death sentence, and probably that of other coyotes who had nothing to do with the attack.
    I just can´t get over the injustice of it.

    That Parks and Wildlife spokeswoman Jennifer Churchill said, "It's really a public safety issue if we have wildlife that will bite people."
    Oh no! What a disgrace, we have wildlife that bites!! Let us start investigations to see if we have fire that burns, and water that gets people wet!

    I can understand putting down a dog after it has killed someone- the dog is supossed to live around humans and it IS dangerous to have it live in a home. But coyotes are wild animals- they are in no way supossed to be friendly and harmless to humans. If we are going to get rid of any wild animal that ever attacks a human, why not get rid of all humans so that none of them ever beats up/wounds/kills another human? Which by the way, is much more common than any kind of wild animal attack.

  4. Oh, I almost forgot- there's this recent news article about a leopard attack in India- it even got caught on cam!
    Unfortunately, the leopard was shot at the end and although it was taken to a vet, it died of its wounds.

  5. Some amazing pictures with that leopard story. I'm running a couple of those today. --G


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