Cheetah attacks two men

Cheetah attacks two men at Eagle Heights animal centre (From News Shopper):

The cheetah had taken quite a few bites and scratches from both the cameraman and the trainer, ripping the shorts off one in one close swipe of the paw. 
The two men managed to sit on the cheetahs head while another member of staff ran for a fire extinguisher which took several more minutes to collect. 
Eagle Heights owner Alan Ames, 55, told News Shopper he was surprised by the attack but says it was “no big deal”. 
“What happened is very unfortunate and we take it very seriously, but it’s not like someone getting their arm ripped off by a gorilla."


  1. Yeah, they should be grateful that it was a cheetah and not a leopard attacking them.

  2. Yeah, that probably wouldn't have ended with a "no big deal" comment.


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