Black bear confirmed as elder's killer

Bear confirmed as elder's killer:

"A black bear that was killed following a fatal attack June 26 on a Xaxli'p First Nations elder on her rural property north of Lillooet has been confirmed as the culprit.

DNA in the saliva found on the clothing of Bernice Evelyn Adolph, 72, matches that of the suspect animal killed July 9 by a conservation officer.

It was one of five black bears killed by conservation officers in the days following Adolph's death."


  1. Just thought I would share my point of view here. I find it very sad that animals are killed whenever there's an attack on a human. Most of the time the attacks are provoked by humans directly or indirectly.
    Recently here in Mexico, a man leapt over a fence that was supossed to keep people away from a well known crocodile inhabited area. The fence even had signs warning people that there were crocs on the other side. The guy didn´t care- so he got attacked and had his arm ripped off. He survived, but his family and even some completely unrelated people started demanding "justice" (I would call it revenge) against the crocodiles, urging for the reptiles to be culled.
    And you see that once and again with all sorts of animals. An animal attacks, pushed by hunger, fear or whatever, and immediatly they start hunting the animal down cuz "if it attacked once, it will again". It makes no sense to me; all crocodiles, bears, cougars, whatever, have the potential to kill and eat a human being. Does that mean they should ALL be culled? Do we go around killing every human on sight just because they have the potential to hurt us?

  2. Later today, I'll be running a lion story you may find interesting (and infuriating) on this score. A perfect case of human hubris, though the lions in this case have not, to my knowledge, been killed.


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