Bear Attack Research

A lifetime of bears -- An interesting profile in the Edmonton Journal:

"By the time Stenhouse got outside, a woman was whacking the bear with a broom. Realizing the situation was spiralling out of control, Stenhouse took a moment to figure out his next move. It was too dangerous to shoot from where he was standing. Just then, someone fired a couple of shots from across the street, and the bear went down.

It was too late, however, to save the victim. A good part of his skull had been torn apart. Blood had spilled everywhere.

Polar bears attacks such as this one had been rare in Churchill up until this point. People had been charged by animals in the past, but only one person -a teenager who was throwing rocks at an animal -had ever been killed.

The blood-soaked tracks leading to the scene of this attack suggested that the victim had been scavenging through the remnants of a burntdown hotel in the middle of the night when the bear came around with the same idea."

Photography by Wayne T. Allison



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