The twelve most dangerous Russian animals

You know I'm a sucker for a list. This one includes some good photos. The spider pictured here is a pretty much harmless argiope, rather than a karakurt. The latter is really a kind of black widow spider. The fire remedy is not a sound method, for the bite of a karakurt or any other venomous animal.

The twelve most dangerous Russian animals | Russia Beyond The Headlines


  1. well the humpback whale is pretty deadly but not
    humans well unless they land on you!:)

  2. Yeah, it's a pretty anthropocentric list!

  3. The northern viper (adder) was represented by a picture of a diamondback rattler--and on what planet do BEARS have excellent eyesight, as referenced in the boar blurb? Bears are notoriously nearsighted, which is often a factor in non-predatory attacks: when the wind is wrong, a bear can blunder onto a human and react from sheer panic or fear for its cubs.

  4. Probably the same planet on which ticks carry "encephalitis"--which is, of course, a symptom, not a specific disease.


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