Python Eats Dog

Photo credit: One Dead President/Creative Commons

In the US, we occasionally hear of pets snatched by cougars or coyotes. In Australia . . . well, you'll see.

This snake is a scrub python, also called the amethystine python. Members of this species have occasionally attacked children, as discussed in Deadly Kingdom, but they are probably too slender to actually eat a human.

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  1. A friend of mine who has kept and done educational work with all of the "Big 5"--the green anaconda, the retic, the African rock, the Burmese and the amethystine/Kinghorn's python (largest of the scrub python group) reports that these snakes are among the most nasty-tempered of pythons to work with. Their large heads with long teeth, agile movements and long strike range all factor into making them not only bad-tempered, but able to back it up!


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