Elephant Kills One, Injures Four in Mysore

The Hindu : Front Page : Young tusker goes on the rampage in Elephant City:

"MYSORE: A young wild elephant rampaged through the heart of Mysore early on Wednesday, trampling a man to death and injuring four others. Two head of cattle also died in the elephantine fury.

Straying from its herd, the male elephant, aged between 8 and 10, entered the city along with a 12-year-old tusk-less male (a makhna). But it was the tusker which terrorised people as well as cattle in its six-hour rampage."

Further on, the article says the fatality resulted from goring rather than trampling. This footage shows one attack, which may or may not be the fatal one. This is extremely graphic footage. Please think carefully before you click play.



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