Coyote hybrid attacks toddler on trampoline

WILD COYOTE ATTACK: Coyote hybrid attacks 3-year-old toddler on trampoline in Randolph County, North Carolina. - WGHP:

"The 100-lb attacker, which animal control officials dubbed a 'coyote hybrid,' grabbed Maggie by her shirt and began dragging her away."

This report mentions rabies, but the behavior sounds predatory to me--small human targeted, persistent attack. Apparently this animal is a hybrid of dog and coyote. The size mentioned here, if accurate, would be surprisingly large for a coyote, but not for a dog. Wolf-dog hybrids have a history of hurting people. As dogs, they tend to be more comfortable approaching people than a wild wolf would be.  


  1. great job i had a horrible dream and came searching about this stuff and saw it and just started crying then i started to realize that we se coyotes every other day but not lately it like my area was like they came in swarms and attacked everybody even in cars they were breeding and now I'm really scared wand we live in altadena where its all open and we don't have a gate so no more swinging outside tj


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