Camel bites baby at zoo

One dangerous animal that got short shrift in Deadly Kingdom is the camel. As a domestic animal, it has the same opportunities as cattle and horses to stomp, bite, throw, and otherwise harm people. However, I hadn't come across any memorable cases by press time. Now, thanks to reader Natan Slifkin, I can recitfy my omission. This first item finds the danger not on the job, but in the zoo:

Camel bites baby at zoo - Israel News, Ynetnews

And here's an older case that shows a camel in the role of road hazard. The same trouble occurs with whitetailed deer in North America, kangaroos in Australia, and a slew of species in Africa, from giraffes to elephants. An acquaintance recently returned from South Africa tells me she was warned about hippos on the road. Anyway, the Israeli camels:

Rabbi Slifkin's fascinating website is On arrival there, you'll see him riding an elephant, jumping a crocodile, and standing next to a bear. If you dig a little deeper, you'll find some fascinating scholarship.  



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