Coyote attacks Halifax meter reader

In Nova Scotia, a meter reader ran into a coyote and her young--and got bitten. His coat stopped the bite from breaking skin. A passerby unleashed his German shepherd, which chased the coyotes away. Details:

CBC News - Nova Scotia - Coyote attacks Halifax meter reader

Possibly the coyote felt her young were in danger.


  1. Possibly, but the fact that this report talks about coyote pups at this time of year makes me very suspicious about the reliability of the report. It's secondhand at best, carrying quotes from the meter reader's supervisor. I am sure that under more detailed questioning, many aspects of this story would change, as they do so often with similar stories that I and others have followed up on.

  2. Point well taken. Animal behavior is more complex than most people realize, and we tend to explain events in our own terms without looking at the full context. Anyway, I'd be interested to hear more about your investigations of similar stories.


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