Oceanic Whitetip Shark attacks tourists in Egypt

At a resort in Egypt, three people were mauled by an oceanic whitetip shark in two separate incidents.

Experts cited in the article I've linked below say this is extraordinarily rare, with only nine documented attacks by this species on record. That's a misleading claim, though, because the oceanic whitetip has certainly taken many victims of shipwrecks. It's not possible to document which species killed a particular person in those circumstances, but survivor accounts of disasters like the sinking of the Indianapolis in World War II give strong evidence that this species took dozens, and in a few cases hundreds of people.

The oceanic whitetip doesn't get the press of the great white and the tiger shark, species that routinely come close to shore and occasionally take people. But when people venture into the deep water, this very common and widespread species is likely to be nearby. I venture to guess that it has eaten more people than any other shark species.

Egypt closes beaches over shark attacks | World news | The Guardian

This report claims there were four victims in the two incidents, all of them critically injured. Apparently at least one, and possibly two, people lost limbs in the second attack.



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