Egyptian shark attacks fifth person

That resort in Egypt has suffered yet another shark attack. This time the victim is a 70-year-old German tourist. She died before reaching the hospital after the shark amputated her hand or (according to a different source) her arm.

Egyptian officials had already killed two sharks. They released a video (linked in the post below) and this photo, both of which show a small mako. Though makos do sometimes attack humans, reports claimed the shark involved in the two earlier attacks  was an oceanic whitetip. Those attacks left four Russian tourists hospitalized.

The reports so far do not make clear whether one shark is responsible for all the attacks. Oceanic whitetips sometimes travel in pairs or larger groups.

Oceanic whitetip shark kills German tourist near resort in Egypt: officials


  1. regardless of what it was, i wouldnt want to be caught between the jaws of that... tis quite toothy.. hate to have its dental bills, too.


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