Deer versus Dog, Cat, Human

In British Columbia, a deer has thrashed a newspaper carrier. The man ended up with eight stitches and a black eye. He says he didn't see any fawn nearby, but of course fawns try hard not to be seen.

Another deer incident, from a few months back, was captured in this video. It features a domestic cat finding a fawn, to the discomfort of the doe. A dog gets involved too. Whether it was just passing by or had scented the fawn is impossible to tell from the clip. Violence ensues.


  1. Poor dog, that was a bad day for him...
    You think the cat was so determined to get near the fawn because of sheer curiosity, or was he thinking of maybe taking a bite out of him? I've read about fawns being injured by house cats before...

  2. I think in that initial groping-and-sniffing phase, the cat was trying to figure out what the fawn was. Newborn fawns typically don't have much of a smell, so the cat may have found it puzzling. Once it starts following the fawn, I'm seeing classic predatory behavior, including the single-minded pursuit even in the face of discouragement from a much larger animal. Of course the doe finally managed to make her point.


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