An Urban Cougar

"I have one of those," the delivery man said. He seemed to be pointing to the framed print behind D'Arcy's desk. Since the print showed a cougar, she had her doubts. He assured her that, yes, he actually had a pet cougar. It had the run of his house, and when he came home in the evenings, it bounded up the basement steps to meet him.

The cougar (also called a mountain lion or puma) in the picture had been photographed at a zoo by D'Arcy's dad, the wildlife photographer Wayne Allison. His slideshow above includes the photo from D'Arcy's wall. She knew Wayne would be interested to meet a cougar up close. So when, in the fullness of time, the delivery guy offered to bring his pet by D'Arcy's office, she phoned Wayne and told him to bring his camera. As if he'd ever leave home without it.

Next time, you'll see what happened when Wayne Allison met the cougar. 


Photos courtesy of D'Arcy at Taltos Horse Tribe.


  1. Let's hope the encounter doesn't end up like some of the other posts on here :-)

    I can't imagine a cougar being domesticated or tame. Then again, I once mistook a ground hog for a bear.

  2. I've met a number of domestic cougars over the years, and none of them really seemed tame. Their owners generally admitted to some scars.

    (Not to worry, though. Wayne and D'Arcy come out of this one fine.)


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