Photograph This Ant and Win a Prize

Help! I'm seeking an original photo of a harvester ant. We don't have them here in Wisconsin, but you folks in the Southwest may still be able to find them at this time of year.

These are large ants with the nasty sting. They live in holes usually on clear ground, such as a road; the hole may be surrounded with gravel from their deep diggings. The top photo here shows the individuals clearly. The bottom will give you a good idea of their den sites. For those of you near my old home in the Oklahoma Panhandle, these are the very common big ones. I don't care which color.

I'm choosing photos for the British edition of Deadly Kingdom, and this is something I'd especially like to have, but I won't be able to take the photo myself because of the travel and so forth. I'd want an unpublished photo at high resolution. The pay for the winner will be a free signed copy of the British book. If I get several to choose from, I may post some of them on the blog.


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