Alligator vs. Goose

Reader Attackturtle was having lunch with his wife at their pond when they witnessed nature in startling action. Someone else was feeding stale bread to the turtles in the pond. Geese crowded in to swipe the bread. And then a young alligator, which AT estimated at four to five feet in length, grabbed a goose. The gator made no attempt to roll or drown the goose, relying on the bite alone to subdue it. When AT approached with his camera, the gator swam away at a leisurely pace. At first glance, the photo looks like a some weird hybrid animal out of Greek myth.

(Thanks, Attackturtle!)


  1. I think you might find this case of man-eating interesting. First recorded case of maneating by false gharial tomistoma schlegelii:

  2. I do indeed--I'll link this on the front page. Thanks for sharing it.


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