Bedbugs Invade Lingerie Store

The Wall Street Journal reports the latest on New York City's continuing bedbug crisis:

Bedbugs continued their conquest of commercial spaces in New York City this week, shutting down a Victoria's Secret on the Upper East Side and the downtown headquarters of an advertising agency.

For a few decades, dioxin and other potent insecticides made bedbugs rare in the US. The toxins turned out to be far more serious health risks than the bugs, so the US government put limits on their use. Now, a few decades further on, the bedbug is returning to its traditional place in human habitations.

The good news is that, as blood-sucking pests go, bedbugs aren't especially good at spreading disease. In fact, they've never been clinically proved to spread anything except disgust, though their bites do cause a lot of itching and sometimes a rash. That makes them far less dangerous than mosquitoes, lice, and ticks.



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