Man-eaters in my email

I often get email forwards making preposterous claims about animals. Recently my mom sent me one that purports to sort the true from the fake. Unfortunately that email didn't cite its sources, so I'm not sure how many of its "real" ones to believe.

Anyway, here are a few impressive photos culled from forwards. I'll limit myself to the crocodilians today.

According to, this is a 13-foot American alligator that had been living in a drainage ditch behind someone's house in Texas.

Here's an alligator swimming with a deer in its mouth. This one's legit.

This one supposedly shows human remains being taken from a crocodile. I don't know whether it's true, but I do know other such photos have been debunked. Incidentally, the most often viewed post on this blog shows the aftermath of a legitimate attack by a Nile crocodile on a zookeeper.

Here's a big Nile crocodile from the Congo. The forwards had it swimming the streets of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.


  1. The hurricane Katrina crock is a - crock...

    The robber eaten story is also a load. There was an attack on a robber, but it was probably a crocodile and not an alligator. The robber wasn't eaten and there were no human remains in the animal's stomach. The setting was described and pictured wrong. While a robber was fatally wounded by a crocodile, the pictures have absolutely nothing to do with his story.

    The bungee jumper beheaded by a crocodile tale is nothing but a stupid beer ad.

    Alligator with deer in mouth - true, but the shots were taken by a fish and wildlife person from their service helicopter, about 40 miles south of Savannah, Georgia - in 2004, which also makes it really stale old news. Why these chain letters still manage to survive years after the fact, and then get the facts wrong to boot, confounds me.

    Another mishmashing of a couple of true stories with a set of pictures created the chain hoax about the golfer who lost his whole arm to an alligator.

    It was a snorkler who lost his arm to an alligator, and it happened at a lake, not a golf course.

    There was a golfer who was bitten by an alligator that took off part of his arm, but not the whole arm.

  2. The bungee-jumper was a new one on me. Thanks for posting.


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