Deadly Kingdom is Here!

Today's the official launch date for Deadly Kingdom: The Book of Dangerous Animals. I hope you'll consider buying a copy. Actually, I hope you'll do more than consider it. We book lovers are often tortoises. Time moves slowly for us; we may take a while to get around to a book, and we're pretty sure we'll still be able to find a copy of it in a year or two.

But my friends at the publishing house are like mayflies. They live speedier lives. If they don't see some sales this week, they'll decide I'm not much of a seller, and they'll forget about Deadly Kingdom. They'll give their next deal to some hack. (Hack: n. A writer other than me.)

If buying the book isn't feasible, you might consider asking your local library to buy it.

And if you're rolling in dough (because these days, who isn't?), why not buy one for yourself and another to donate to the library? I'm big on this library thing.


  1. Im holding out for your book tour ;) Im going out for it this weekend.

  2. I will. I loved your previous book. Bought 3 copies.

  3. My son, Dan Ostlund, sent me a copy of your new book, Deadly Kingdom. It is compelling, raw and oddly comforting. I have experienced close encounters with a small variety of predators, which makes your book even more facinating for me. I am thrilled to have received this wonderful gift for no particular reason, but that I raised an avid reader who recognizes great writing and chose to share it with me.


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