Horse Attack

I'll take a break from the list of man-eaters for a couple of days to catch up on some interesting news stories.

Today's is about a man mauled to death by a horse. It's not terribly unusual for people to die by being bucked off or kicked, but this attack is something different. A stallion seems to have bitten the man repeatedly, amputating his arm and inflicting massive injuries to his torso and leg. I'm aware of only a few other cases like this; one of them involved a man trying to restrain a stallion interested in a mare in heat. This prolonged attack, however, suggests that the stallion took the man as a rival for dominance in the herd.


  1. Gordon, do you remember Excuse, Dad's stallion? I remember being unable to go into the pen or arena with him when he was or had been around a mare in heat. He would charge with all the angry sign of imminent attack even when I was feeding him. I had to feed through the fence. This is the same stallion who gently guided Mark home when he was a toddler and wandered out into the pasture.

  2. I do indeed. I've written a little about him in the new book. He never hurt me unless you consider absolute terror hurtful. My terror of horses wasn't his fault, however; I blame it on Snoopy. Being thrown by him is among my first memories. That, too, is in the book, along with some actual non-whiny stories of horse violence.

    Can you tell more about the incident with Mark? I had forgotten it, and still have only very vague memories of it.

  3. My recollection is that Mark wandered off while playing outside out on Grice Hill. When Mom realized that he was missing, she first searched the horse tanks and any other dangerous areas she could think of. She was, of course, frantic. In her search, she happened to look up and saw the horses coming in to water. At the lead was Excuse, and he was prodding Mark along with his nose. Mark got a good thrashing for going out where he wasn't supposed to go. When Dad came home that night, Mark expressed to him that Mom had spanked him for going to see the horses. Keep in mind that this was a carefree sort of time when playing outside with the 'world' as your playground, and getting spanked were still acceptable. I don't remember how old Mark was, but 'toddler-ish'.

    I'm sorry Snoopy dumped you off. I suffered the same fate many times. He was my steady and faithful companion, however, and I grieved as for a family member when he had to be put down due to a broken leg. He was close to 20 y/o. He guided me, Mary, Mark, Luke, and maybe Sarah into the world of horseback riding. He was probably the best friend I ever had.

  4. I think his registered name was 'Little Excuse'. Even better, huh?!

  5. Hey Gordon! I dont know if you remember me, but I went to school with Faye,and you and I worked together at McDonalds. I once was bitten on my leg by my cousin Gregs pony. I did nothing to the pony that I know of I was just sitting on him while my sister Tina lead him down the road. I and my brothers had been taking rides on him all day. He just turned around while walking and crunch tried to take a hunk out. Fortunately I had boots on. Just thought I would share this story.

  6. Hi, and thanks for the story. I'm hearing a lot of stories about mean ponies these days--especially Shetland ponies. (I couldn't see your name--let me know who you are!)


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