Harvestman and Carrion Beetle

Monkey Gets Loose, Attacks Man

Snapping Turtles

Elephant kills 3

Reindeer attacks woman

Scientist injured by shark in the South Pacific

How to identify a shark on a biting rampage. - By Julia Felsenthal - Slate Magazine

Deer versus Dog, Cat, Human

Giraffe tramples man to death

Another fatal bull attack

Red Sea Shark Attacks

Egypt shark attacks: 'Multiple species' behind attacks

Shark Attacks: Livestock carcasses in the Red Sea?

Blood in the Red Sea: Eyewitnesses Describe Shark Attacks

Egyptian shark attacks fifth person

Oceanic Whitetip Shark attacks tourists in Egypt

Black Widow Pictures

When fox attacks fail

Otter Attacks Three

Cougar on a Leash

An Urban Cougar

Leopard Attack

Widow still critical after bull attack

Bull Kills One, Injures Another

Raccoon Victim Comes Home

Russian Bear Attacks

Black Bear trouble in Washington State

Lion Attacks in Zimbabwe

More about the Georgia Raccoon Attack

Raccoons attack baby in Newton County  |

Outside Reviews Deadly Kingdom

A Beastly Menagerie

Shark kills bodyboarder in California | World news | The Guardian

The Daily Iowan on Deadly Kingdom

Kansas City Chimp caught on video

Iowa City Rocks

Chimpanzee Breaks Lose in Kansas City

Zebra attack

The Devil Went Down to Iowa


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