Zoo bear mauls man

It's amazing how many zoo visitors find it necessary to jump into animal pens. In 2006 a man climbed into a lion enclosure at the Kiev zoo and proclaimed that God would save him, if He existed. Turns out the lion was an atheist. A few years before that, a woman committed suicide in Singapore by jumping into a crocodile exhibit. Earlier this year there was a case of attempted suicide involving polar bears. Of course, many people who do this sort of thing turn out to be either schizophrenic or clinically depressed.

The latest case happened in Bern, Switzerland. A mentally handicapped man deliberately jumped into an enclosure housing two brown bears. One of the bears mauled him. Police shot the bear to save him. The man is in the hospital with serious head and leg injuries. The bear is being treated with antibiotics to prevent infection of his bullet wounds. Because the bullet fragmented on entry, veterinarians deemed it unwise to operate.

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  1. If somebody attacks me and then proclaims God will save him if He exists, and then I kill him in the process doesn't make me an atheist.


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