Wolf and Coyote Attacks

A hunter received minor injuries when a wolf attacked him near his campsite on the Kuskokwim River in Alaska. The hunter's brother killed the wolf; its carcass tested positive for rabies. The hunter will be fine.

Meanwhile, coyotes bit a couple of folks in Los Angeles. These seem to be very minor incidents. Coyotes have occasionally tried to snatch children in Southern California, even killing a girl in one case, but they are generally more dangerous to pets than people.


  1. http://wildindiana.com/wps/2009/10/deadly-coyote-attack/

    thought this article relevant...from other sources it seems the eastern coyote has interbred with wolves and is becoming more aggressive.

  2. Thanks much for the link. You may be interested in this later blog post of mine:
    Be sure to check out the comments on it, too. As you'll see, our own behavior toward the coyotes can have surprising effects on their behavior.


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