Moon Bear Attacks

Here's a report and video of a recent incident in Japan: a moon bear beat the hell out of nine tourists, then was shot dead by hunters. The moon bear, also known as the Asian black, Tibetan, or Himalayan bear, is about the same size as the North American black bear, topping out at about 330 pounds, but this seems to have been a small one.

The report says, "It is unusual for Asian black bears to attack humans so it is unclear what prompted the creature to go on the rampage." Actually, the only mystery is why it attacked the first man. After that, another man beat it with a stick. When the bear grabbed him, people tried to help by scaring the bear off with their car horns. A scared bear is a dangerous bear.

Like its North American cousin, the moon bear occasionally eats people. Bile farmers also get mauled once in a while. Yes, I said bile farmers. Bear bile is supposed to have medicinal properties, so farmers keep the animals in pens and drain their bile with catheters. In a 2005 case, half a dozen moon bears got their paws on a bile farmer named Han Shigen. They tore him to pieces and were in the midst of eating him when police arrived. Every career has its pitfalls, I suppose.

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  1. fucking bile farmer got what he deserved.

  2. Yes the bile farmer got what he deserved. Have you seeen what they do to the poor bears? If you were locked up in cage too small, poked with rusty catheters, starved, had wounds left open & not allowed to heal how would you feel?


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