Mass Predation

The saltwater crocodile, a mass man-eater
Here's an interesting article about history's worst single incident of predation on humans--or was it?

The incident in question is the slaughter of hundreds of Japanese soldiers by saltwater crocodiles in the mangrove swamps of Ramree Island during World War II. As the article mentions, even greater numbers of people may have been taken by sharks after naval battles of WWII. The largest well-documented incident of mass predation is the sinking of the USS Indianapolis in the South Pacific in 1945. Hundreds of men died in the water from various causes, with perhaps 200 taken mainly by tiger, mako, and oceanic whitetip sharks. The oceanic whitetip, pictured here, may have eaten more people than other species in recent history, considering its habit of turning up at shipwrecks.

Oceanic whitetip shark



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