Eaten by Dogs

An elderly couple found mutilated on a Georgia road apparently fell victim to a pack of dogs.

Dog attacks are remarkably common in the US. I get about a dozen news stories about serious attacks in my Google Alert every day. About 800 thousand people seek medical treatment for dog bites in a given year. But most dog bites come about when the dog is trying to defend its territory or establish its dominance. (Children, by the way, are the most common victims, not only because they're vulnerable but also because a dog may perceive them as lowest in the social hierarchy and easiest to dominate.)

Though dog attacks are often covered in newspapers and on news sites, we rarely hear mention of the dog as a predator of people, probably because our "news" sources have been trained not to offend us. Nevertheless, dogs do eat people, even in major cities in the US. It's hard to get police and others to talk about these extremely upsetting events, but it would appear that predation, when it occurs, usually follows an attack prompted by the other motives I mentioned. This attack in Georgia looks fairly unusual; it may be a simple case of predation.



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