Would you buy this book?

Here's the proposed cover for Deadly Kingdom: The Book of Dangerous Animals. I think it's pretty cool, but would be interested to hear your views. Would this cover make you pick up a book and consider buying it?

Top: The front
Below: The back.

The book is now set to hit stores on May 4 next year.


  1. I wonder if I can get my publisher to sugar-frost it?

  2. Love the front. The back, however, undermines the intent of the front. The front says: Here's a book about really scary beasts. The back says: Awww, they're not so bad. As you and Stephen King know, we LIKE to be scared. So we don't want a back cover that goes all cute and reassuring on us!

  3. Thanks, Andrew. I am going to share this with my publisher.


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