Follow-up on Big Cat Attacks

This week brings follow-up stories on some notorious big cat attacks.

First, there are further details on the jaguar that mauled a zookeeper in Baltimore on January 18.

Next, the San Francisco Chronicle has interviewed some of the police officers who killed Tatiana the tiger on Christmas 2007.

I also came across an article hyping the one-time-only return of Roy Horn for a TV special. Horn, of Siegfried and Roy fame, was mauled on stage by a white tiger in 2003. He nearly died of a stroke in the aftermath and had to have part of his skull removed to relieve pressure. The last I heard, he was still learning to walk again. Now they're claiming he's been working with animals in preparation for this comeback, which is a charity event. I'm not sure how much tiger-taming he plans to do on TV. In theory, a person who limps should never step into a cage with a big carnivore. They often see any sign of weakness as an invitation to pounce.

Of course, in theory, it's a bad idea for ANYBODY to step into a cage with a tiger. . .


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