Deadly Kingdom: The Book of Dangerous Animals

Publisher's hype:

In 2004, a buzzard attacked 22 people engaged in a bicycle race in Devon, England, damaging either the helmet or the person in all cases… 
In China, the bile of a bear is believed to have medicinal properties, and is removed by several methods including catheters. It is perhaps unsurprising that bears in this situation become irritable…
The black mamba is sometimes claimed to be the most dangerous snake in the world, based on its speed, aggression and disconcerting habit of turning up in toilets…

In this copiously illustrated, often darkly funny compendium of dangerous animals, one of our finest contemporary writers on the subject offers a comprehensive guide to virtually every animal that might pose harm to humans, from the aardwolf to the zebra shark.
In an engaging, idiosyncratic voice all his own, Gordon Grice presents findings that are by turns surprising, humorous and horrifying…How does a tiny box jellyfish, with no brain and little control over where it goes in the water, manage to kill a full-grown man? What harm have hippos been known to inflict on humans, and why?

At once hair-raising and mordantly funny, this unique work is destined to be a classic – appealing equally to intrepid explorers of nature and armchair scientists reading from the confines of a carefully locked home.

Contents of Deadly Kingdom:

The Carnivorids
  1. Wolves, Dogs, and Their Relatives
  2. The Bears
  3. The Cats
  4. The Hyenas
  5. Other Carnivorids
Aquatic Dangers
  1. Sharks and Their Relatives
  2. The Bony Fish
  3. The Whales
  4. An Assortment of Aquatic Dangers
The Reptiles and Birds
  1. The Snakes
  2. The Crocodilians
  3. The Lizards
  4. The Birds
The Arthropods and Worms
  1. Arachnids and Myriapods
  2. The Insects
  3. The Worms
Other Mammals
  1. The Hoofed Mammals
  2. The Elephants
  3. The Rodents
  4. The Bats
  5. A Miscellany of Minor Mammal Dangers
  6. The Primates



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