News Update for July 15

In Yellowstone National Park, a 12-year-old tourist had a minor dust-up with a bison. Guess who won?

Rabies season continues with fox attacks in Virginia and Pennsylvania and a feral cat case in Maryland. The woman attacked in Pennsylvania required surgery.

A seagull attacked a woman in Somerset, England. The news story makes the usual references to the Hitchcock movie.

The latest reports of coyotes killing pets come from Cincinnati and from Larga Vista, California. At Cal State-Long Beach, coyotes have been preying on semi-feral cats.

Here’s a blog entry about traveling in bear country. I recommend the book mentioned here, Stephen Herrero’s Bear Attacks. On the other side of the world, there’s a sketchy report of bear attacks in eastern India.

In Palo Alto, California, a cougar allegedly attacked a man in a park. The man escaped with no serious injuries. Authorities were unable to substantiate his story.

There was also a cougar sighting in a residential area of Banning, California.

In a rural area of India, villagers have taken to living in trees after attacks by elephants, tigers, and leopards.



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