News Round-up

Interesting reports on the web this week:

Perth Now has a follow-up feature on a shark attack that occurred last month. A great white injured a swimmer.

Forbes has a story about the harms humans do to sharks. It also mentions the (much rarer) reverse scenario.

The Hotel Club Travel Blog has a round-up of dangerous wildlife tourists might encounter in Australia. Good photography with some decent summaries, though the writer is a little shaky on jellyfish.

A stray cat with rabies attacked at least three people in South Hadley, Massachusetts, before one victim killed it. Here are reports from the Springfield Republican, the Boston Herald, and the local CBS affiliate.

In Pine Grove, California, a gray fox attacked a man in a hot tub. Rabies is the most common reason when foxes attack people without provocation, but no one knows whether this one was rabid, as it escaped the man, who hotly pursued with a garden hoe. A fox in Henrico County, Virginia, tested positive for rabies. It was found dead, but authorities believe it was responsible for an earlier attack on a woman in her back yard. The incidence of rabies in animal populations varies according to season, with spring and fall the worst seasons in most of the US.

NewsBlaze reports the latest in a series of bear attacks in Srinagar, Kashmir.



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