Cabinet of Curiosities

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Cabinet of Curiosities is exactly the book for every young explorer who loves finding stuff in nature and bringing it home. Lavish, oversize, illustrated, and chock-full, it introduces kids to the wonders of natural history and the joys of being an amateur scientist and collector.  MORE

The Book of Deadly Animals
(also published as Deadly Kingdom and Deadly Animals)
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What a wealth of information Gordon Grice is, and what a fine, beguiling writer. 
– David Sedaris     MORE

The Red Hourglass
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This is first-rate, unsentimental writing about nature and about the ways that human beings try to cope with the most terrible cruelties that nature offers up.--The New York Times     MORE

      Shark Attacks                                          Barnes and Noble      Amazon                              Gordon Grice and National Geographic take you inside the Mind of the Ocean's Most Terrifying Predator in this eBook Short. Gripping stories of Shark attacks combine with cutting-edge research to reveal how our fate hinges on that of the great predators. 

Free Stories

Gordon Grice reports on cougars, locusts, armadillos, hobo spiders, and much more. Plus: Guest writers on crocodiles, pythons, venomous snakes, sharks, electric catfish, and a host of other fascinating animals. MORE

SliceA convicted murderer becomes the world's first digital corpse. 
Mummies of No Man's LandThe virtually unknown mummies of the American Southwest.

A Stiller Ground. A father's lament for a lost child.
Flash. How I didn't meet Garth Brooks.

Stories and essays by classic authors like HG Wells, Edgar Allan Poe, George Orwell, Mark Twain, MR James, and others. MORE
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