Wildlife Classics

Edwin Lester Arnold-A Dreadful Night
EF Benson-The Horror Horn
Ambrose Bierce-Eyes of the Panther
Erckmann-Chatrian-The Waters of Death
Arthur Conan Doyle-A Brazilian Cat
Arthur Conan Doyle-The Terror of Blue John Gap
The Brothers Grimm-Snow-White and Rose-Red
William Fryer Harvey-The Tortoise
M. R. James-The Ash-Tree
Rudyard Kipling-The Elephant's Child
Edgar Allan Poe-The Nature of Poe (Silence: A Fable)
Edgar Allan Poe's Orangutans
Mark Twain-Storm (from Tom Sawyer; illustrations by George Inness and Caspar David Friedrich)
Mark Twain-Morning (from Tom Sawyer)
HG Wells-Aepyornis Island

Roy Chapman Andrews-Mongolian Dogs
William Bartram-Alligators (illus. by John Singer Sargent) 
Ambrose Bierce-What Eats People, Part 5: Pigs
George Catlin-Of Wolves and Bison
Richard Henry Dana-Rattlesnakes
Herodotus-Nile Crocodiles
Herodotus-Egyptian Cats
Washington Irving-A Republic of Prairie Dogs
Mary Kingsley-An Encounter with a Gorilla
David Livingstone-A Chimpanzee Hunt 
George Orwell-Shooting an Elephant
JH Patterson-The Man-Eaters of Tsavo
Part 1   Part 2    Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7
JH Patterson-Bhoota's Last Shikar
JH Patterson-Man-Eater in a Railway Carriage
JH Patterson-Nile Crocodile
JH Patterson-A Widow's Story
Edgar Allan Poe-Trees (from The Island of the Fay)
Henry David Thoreau's Owls (with illustration by Audubon)
Henry David Thoreau-Warring Ants (from Walden)
Mark Twain-River (from Life on the Mississippi; illustrations by Friedrich and Inness)


Gordon's Translations
Gilgamesh 1  Gilgamesh 2  Gilgamesh 3 
John Clare-Mouse's Nest
Robert Frost-Design
William Shakespeare-Shakespeare's Wild Boar
Alfred Tennyson-The Kraken

(Collections of Writings on a Topic)

A Beast for Perseus (Horses) by Robert Frost, William Shakespeare, and others
Cat Lit by JH Fabre, Thomas Hardy, and Christopher Smart
Coyotes by Mark Twain, Richard Henry Dana, and others
Rat Tales by Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker, George Orwell, HP Lovecraft, MR James, and JS LeFanu
Oven-Birds by Robert Frost and William Henry Hudson

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