Sloth Bear vs. Polar Bear

Sloth bears are said to drive tigers away and to maul people when they feel crowded. Recently I came across a reference to an encounter that could only happen in captivity, and once again the mid-sized sloth bear proved surprisingly dangerous.

During the winter of 1897-98 an encounter took place between a polar bear and an Indian sloth bear at Sanger’s Circus, in which the latter came off an easy victor. It seems at first sight remarkable that such a powerful animal as a polar bear should have been so easily vanquished, but it was the cruelly long claws of the Indian that doubtless did the business, while the length and shagginess of his coat would protect him from the teeth and shorter talons of his northern antagonist.

--Richard Lydekker

The Game Animals of India, Burma, Malaya and Tibet (1907) 
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