Delacroix's Big Cats

Jaguar Attacking a Horseman

Images by French painter Eugene Delacroix (1798-1863). He's better known for his people and horses, but his carnivores show an uncanny vitality. 

Lion Devouring a Hare

Lion Mauling a Dead Arab

Lion Watching a Gazelle

Tiger Startled by a Snake


  1. My favourite are the third and the fourth ones. Yours, Gordon?

  2. Max, I think I like the second one (Puma) the best. The colors of the leaves, the tree bark, and the animal's coat work really well together. The puma itself is a bit too stocky to my eye, but its body language is right on.

  3. "The puma itself is a bit too stocky to my eye"
    You're right. It seems more a lioness, or a young male lion, than a cougar.

    1. It may be that Delacroix didn't have live models to look at. To my eye, the jaguar and the tiger are both too slender.


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