Hand-Wringing from Pennsylvania: Black Widow Invasion

abc27 WHTM

This clip shows why nobody respects TV news. As reader Steve V. pointed out in an email, this would hardly be considered an "infestation" elsewhere. I love how the news anchors say spiders are creepy, as if that were a newsworthy fact. 

Black widow spider populations come and go, so this is hardly an epic event. The important idea buried in all this, however, is that it's not as cold as it used to be. People will be seeing animals they aren't used to as the globe warms up. 

A more sensible reaction to seeing a black widow is, of course, to photograph it and send the images to some humble blogger who will appreciate them. That's the course of action recently chosen by Hodari Nundu: 

Photography by Hodari Nundu


  1. I saw one the other day that had markings just like a smiling clown's face in red and orange. Sadly I didn´t have my camera or my spider jar with me at the mo :S

  2. Sounds like interesting coloration.

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