Gannet Blinds Man in One Eye

In the they-don't-necessarily-like-you-just-because-you're-trying-to-help-them file, we have this sensationlistic report from Wales:

Man's Eyeball Pecked Out by Bird in Vicious Attack:

"Buckland walked up to the bird and lifted it away from the incoming tide. But the bird became startled by a passing dog and began pecking at Buckland’s face.

The pecking went on for several seconds with the bird piercing Buckland’s right eyeball three times with its razor-sharp six-inch beak."


  1. Nasty... anything that has to do with damage to the eyeballs gives me the shivers.

  2. For me it's toenails. Seriously.

  3. Glad you never met my sister's pet squirrel then...


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